Get all datasets

Get a list of all your datasets:

datasets = client.get_datasets()

The get_datasets() method does not take any parameter.

Create a dataset

my_dataset = Dataset(
    name= "Cats & dogs dataset",
    description= "A dataset with labelled images of cats and dogs.",
    multi_label= False,
    notes= "Cats and dogs is often used as a demo dataset.",
    default_splits= True,
    content_type= ContentType.IMAGES

my_dataset = client.create_dataset(my_dataset)
datasetDatasetThe entire dataset object

Properties in more detail:

idstrUnique id for the dataset
created_atstrThe creation date
updated_atstrLast updated date
namestrThe dataset name
descriptionstrThe dataset description
user_idstrThe unique id of the dataset creator
notesstrMore elaborate notes about the dataset
versionsList[DatasetVersion]A list of all the version of the dataset (see below)
multi_labelboolFlag indicating whether tiems can have multiple labels
default_splitsboolCreate default splits (“train”, “valid”, “test”) when creating the dataset.
has_logoboolFlag indicating whether the dataset has a logo or not
logostrName and extension of the logo file
content_typeDatasetContentTypeType of items in the dataset. Possible values IMAGES, TEXT, TABULAR, NER.

Get dataset

my_dataset = client.get_dataset(
dataset_idstrThe dataset id

Update dataset

my_dataset.notes += "~25k labelled images of cats and dogs; 22500 for training, 2000 for validation."

datasetDatasetThe entire dataset object

Delete dataset

dataset_idstrThe dataset id

Upload dataset logo

my_dataset = client.upload_dataset_logo(, folder="directory/to/logo", filename="logo_filename.jpg")
dataset_idstrUnique id for the dataset
folderstrName of the folder that contains the logo file (without trailing ‘/’), default value “data”
filenamestrName of the file to be uploaded, default value “logo.jpg”. Supported formats: jpg, jpeg, png.

Download dataset logo

datasetDatasetThe entire dataset object