Log In/Out

Log in

There are three ways you can log in:

Username and password

Use your username and password to log in, both parameters are required.

username = "my_username"
password = "my_password"

client.login(username, password)

Username and API key

If you have a username and apikey, you can create a client that is ready to go:

my_username = ""
my_apikey = ""

client = Client(username=my_username, apikey=my_apikey)

Using a .env file

Log in using and .env file:

client = Client(env_file=".my_env_file")

The .env file should be located where the client is created and contain the following values:

SEEME_USERNAMEstrusername for the account you want to use
SEEME_APIKEYstrAPI key for the username you want user
SEEME_BACKENDstrbackend the client communicates with, normally: https://api.seeme.ai/api/v1

An example of a valid .env file, make sure to update the username and API key.


Log out

To log out, simply call the logout() method:


Next steps

Once you are logged in, you can access: