Applications supports multiple types of AI models, frameworks, and framework versions. To access, manage, and describe these, we use applications:

Get all supported applications

Print a list of the applications in your client:


Every application has the following properties:

idstrUnique id for the application
created_atstrThe creation date
updated_atstrLast updated date
frameworkstrThe framework used to train the model
framework_versionstrThe framework version used to train the model
base_frameworkstrThe base framework used by the framework
base_framework_versionstrThe base framework version used by the framework
applicationApplicationTypeThe type of application: “image_classification”, “object_detection”, “text_classification”, “structured”.
inference_hoststrThe internal host of the inference engine (if not used at the edge)
can_convert_to_onnxboolModels can automatically be converted to ONNX
can_convert_to_onnx_int8boolModels can automatically be converted to ONNX int8
can_convert_to_coremlboolModels can automatically be converted to Core ML
can_convert_to_tensorflowboolModels can automatically be converted to Tensorflow (mostly for further conversion to Tensorflow Lite for example)
can_convert_to_tfliteboolModels can automatically be converted to Tensorflow Lite
has_embedding_supportboolThe application supports embeddings
continual_trainingboolContinue training from your own previous model version.
has_labels_fileboolA labels file is available
inference_extensionsstrThe list of files with these extensions that need to be uploaded before the model can perform predictions.

You can update the local list of applications by:


Get the application id

Before you can upload and use your model to make predictions, you need to add an application_id:

from torch import __version__ as torch_version
from fastai import __version__ as fastai_version

# Get the application_id for your framework (version).
application_id = client.get_application_id(

If your combination is not supported, you will get a NotImplementedError with contact information of