Manage your AI models in a standardised manner, regardless of their application:

  • access public models on any platform
  • share your models in public or private
  • acces and manage AI models in a standardised way, regardless of their domain;
  • manage versions:
    • easily add/update/delete versions
    • try new models before deploying them
    • easily apply newer/different frameworks across versions
    • deploy with one click
  • automatically convert AI models to run on iOS, Android, and the edge
  • download models from the UI
  • capture predictions to monitor and fuel the data engine to improve your dataset
  • (or) deploy your model in a strictly privacy preserving manner with one toggle

Supported applications

  • Image classification
  • Object detection
  • Text classification
  • Structured/Tabular data
  • Named Entity Recognition
  • Object character Recognition

See Applications for more details on supported applications, frameworks, and their versions.