Applications # supports different types of applications for AI models.

Supported applications #

  • Image classification
  • Object detection
  • Text classification
  • Structured/Tabular data

A bit more detail #

Every application contains information about the (base) framework:

  • PyTorch,
  • Yolov4

and their versions and which files need to be uploaded before the model can be used to make predictions.

Additionally, we list all possible conversions for a given framework. Currently, we support conversion to Core ML, Tensorflow Lite, and ONNX.

  'id': '878aea66-16b7-4f10-9d82-a2a92a35728a',
  'created_at': '2021-10-25T17:57:14.323965Z',
  'updated_at': '2021-10-25T17:57:14.323965Z',
  'base_framework': 'pytorch',
  'base_framework_version': '1.10.0',
  'framework': 'fastai',
  'framework_version': '2.5.3',
  'application': 'image_classification',
  'inference_host': 'image-pt-1-10-0-fa-2-5-3',
  'can_convert_to_onnx': True,
  'can_convert_to_coreml': True,
  'can_convert_to_tensorflow': True,
  'can_convert_to_tflite': True,
  'has_labels_file': True,
  'inference_extensions': 'pkl'